Value $ 200,000.00

Project Description:

Residential Property with defects which included –

Work Included:

  • Carry out numerous building defect repairs for works that do not comply with building code. E.g. defective step heights.
  • Replacement of aluminum sliding door sill flashings.
  • Replacement of hardwood floors and decking throughout property.
  • Rectification of handrails and decking to comply with safety requirements.
  • Apply sheet membrane system to deck surfaces
  • Install new tiling bed and retile deck surfaces
  • Rectify movement control joint provisions
  • Supply and install roof spreader pipes and carry out repairs to defects.
  • Rectify inadequate plumbing connection and rectify defective storm water.
  • Drummy render repairs throughout property.
  • Negative membrane system application at sub floor level.
  • Repaint to finish all rectified areas.