Project value $ 4 million

Project Description:

Remedial repairs to the balconies of two multi storey unit blocks inclusive of the commercial units and common areas at Watt Street Gosford.

Work Included:

  • Installation of Sika Sarnafil 2mm Sheet Membrane System to all external affected areas.
  • Works are inclusive of –
  • Repairs to all balconies on the western elevation including common areas and planter boxes.
  • Repairs to the southern elevation of all levels including, cavity flashings, repair of loose render, installation of control joints and application of external wall finish.
  • Repairs to the balconies on the western elevation of units including planter boxes.
  • External repairs to the top floor units including roof areas and flashings.
  • Break out two rows of brickwork above the cavity flashing and provide cavity jacks remove and replace the cavity flashings.
  • Remove individual bricks above all the wall vents of each unit and install a cavity flashing complete with weep holes two courses above the wall vents.
  • Break out all cracked and drummy cement render to a square saw cut finish. Prepare and Prime the walls surface for new render.
  • Repair vertical cracking to the masonry walls with Helical screw reinforcement.
  • Reinstate the brick work / cement render and incorporate all required weep holes, horizontal and vertical control joints through the full depth of the render.
  • Seal the control joints with mastic sealant. Seal the junction of the rendered walls and aluminum windows on the eastern elevation, with a mastic sealant prior to external wall coating being applied.
  • Prepare and paint the entire external façade to all elevations with an Elastomeric paint system.
  • Supply and install door seals to the bottom of the aluminum entrance doors.