30012006672Waterproofing deficiencies in today’s building is widespread. Our company is experienced in waterproofing solutions and products. Our installations are flood tested thoroughly before proceeding to tile. Victor Building provides Manufacturer and Installer Warranties to cover every installation.

Services include:

  • Torch on membrane
  • Liquid membrane
  • Negative waterproofing
  • Tanking products
  • Applicable sealants
  • All facets of waterproofing

Victor Building Services are continually updating methods and materials for further development of our company. Our service incorporates full restorations of finishes to complete the works. Leaving the project with the best possible finish.

Do you have signs of water entry at your house?

Water can enter your building internally via defective construction methods

Through many different access points.

This continual water entry into your building can be a serious problem,

With long term expensive consequences.

Ask the remedial builder a question.

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