VBS identify and provide solutions to rectify –


  • Water ingress issues to all areas of your building we specialize in identifying the moisture source and providing a detailed scope of works to rectify and repair.
  • Waterproof membrane solutions using specialized equipment, application techniques and state of the art products that best suit your requirements.
  • Concrete repairs, breakout and replacement, stabilization and strengthening.
  • Render repairs to balcony and building facades.
  • Tanking – Negative and positive tanking to provide waterproof seal to buildings.
  • Planter box repair specialists providing specific repair options.
  • Doors, Door frame assemblies, windows and all relevant flashings, storm mould and sealant systems.
  • Balustrade repairs, correct detailing and replacements.
  • High rise window replacement and repairs.
  • Construction joints and sealing repairs.
  • On site storm water management and drainage solutions.
  • Roof Plumbing design and repairs with extensive experience on Roof level terraces, Flat and skillion roofs, Concrete roof areas providing full professional waterproofing and drainage strategies.
  • Efflorescence Control and leaching, stabilizing the control of white formations on concrete and brickwork.
  • Protective coating systems and application.

Victor Building Services are your Home Warranty Insurance Specialists

The industry has seen a “boom” in building in recent years.

During this period projects have been carried out by underqualified tradesmen where some of the finer detailing of construction were rushed. Some developers and builders have refused, or are unable, to repair their defects. Home owners warranty insurance is then applicable.

This is where VBS can Identify, Report and rectify your buildings defects.

There are times, on completion where buildings suffer movement issues. Some products shrink and some expand, causing cracking, tearing of fabric, drummyness or water leaking. When different building products are incorrectly applied or installed together, there can be a movement crack develop between them.

Our team at VBS have the know how to fix these problems, we don’t waste time and money or carry out “band aid” repairs.

Identifying the building defect is never straightforward because the source of the problem, or the defect, is generally hidden. The correct repair method is best determined when the source of the problem can be visually accessed, our knowledge and experience will identify the issue with the least amount of disruptions to your property using “know how” and the latest detection equipment.

VBS will provide an extensive reporting solution that can include photographic evidence of defects and a precise and accurate rectification process to carry out the building repairs. Our Scope of Works will provide you with an honest approach to rectify your buildings defects.



“Your home is your castle” our experienced team at VBS are Remedial Specialists with the right knowledge and expertise to repair defects in buildings of all ages and in any condition.

Ask the remedial builder a question.

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The Knowledge and expertise at VBS along with our three generations of building experience enables us to provide YOU the home owner with the reassurance that your project is in capable hands.